Flying Brick Returns and Vienna Spring Debuts

After a brief absence from the tap list, the newest version of Flying Brick returns to the lineup this Friday. It has a huge Mosaic nose with clean Mosaic flavor throughout. Also coming out Friday is our newest creation, Vienna Spring. It’s a Vienna Lager recipe fermented at the bottom a of California Ale yeast temperature range.

Hop Wars 2 Finals and more this week!

Thursday, Hop Wars 4 round 1: Robert French, Brenton Parks, Matt Mead

Friday, Hop Wars 2 Finals! John Mazurco vs Don Harrisberger

Sunday, 4 – 6 PM: MLS Cup at Phantom

New Beers: Belgian Dark Strong – 9.5 ABV on tap now; Wraith Stout being Kegged Friday.

Panini’s! – We now have Turkey, Black Forest Ham, Bacon, Sharp Cheddar, Provolone, American, and shredded cheddar and Jack.


Hop Wars III Semi Final

On Friday at 4PM, the second Semi Final Match of Hop Wars III gets under way. It’s battle Scottish ale time as Delow goes up against Robert Mills. Come out and try the beers these home brewers have made on our pilot system, and help decide who will move on to the finals.

Boycott Bullies

Dear Anheuser-Busch: Bullying can be defined in a myriad of ways. One method of bullying would be to ridicule a group of people due only to their particular preferences, only because those preferences just don’t happen to be yours. I wonder if having become the giant in this industry has blinded your organization to the revolutionary process of beer development that your company was actually once founded upon. Has the once great inventor of a whole new class of beer now become so stale and afraid of innovation that they are now forced to mock those that do innovate? Is your advertisement merely a veiled attempt at reviving your own sense of self worth? We invite the world to join us in raising a glass of true craft ale, and refusing service of any product put forth by a company that looks to belittle those that innovate. Please feel free to list the brewery labels that AB owns so nobody else can accidentally purchase a beer that isn’t meant to be tasted. That is what they were saying right?