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Looking for our Home Brew Club? It’s Here…

If you’re in search of something specific that you can’t seem to find, please contact us here.

Price Match Guarantee: We will match any home brew supply store price in California.


Some of our Hops, Malt, and Yeast are listed below, but we are constantly adding more. We also have a large selection of accessories, books, equipment, and more. Call us if you’re looking for something. (714) 630-9463.

Hops Malt Yeast
Ahtanum Hop Pellets 2 Row Malt Abbey Ale
Amarillo Hop Pellets 6 Row Malt American Ale Blend
Apollo Hop Pellets Acidulated Malt American Farmhouse Blend WLP670
Azacca Hops Amber Malt American Hefeweizen
Bravo Hop Pellets Aromatic Malt American Lager WLP840
Brewers Gold Hop Pellets Baird Brown Malt American West Coast
Cascade Hop Pellets Baird Pale Malt Bastogne Belgian Ale
Chinook Hop Pellets Black Premium Malt Bavarian Weizen
Citra Hop Pellets CARACRYSTAL WHEAT MALT Bedford Brittish Ale
Citra Leaf Carafa Malt Belgian Ale
Cluster Hop Pellets Carafoam Belgian Golden Ale
Columbus Hop Pellets Caramel Munich Malt Belgian Lager WLP815
Crystal Hop Pellets Caramel Vienna Malt Belgian Saison I
Czech Hop Pellets Carapils Malt Belgian Sour Mix
Czech Saaz Pellets Castle Special B Malt Belgian Sour Mix 1
Eask Kent Golding Hop Pellets Chocolate Malt Belgian Strong Ale
El Dorado Hops Crystal Malt 120 Belgian Style Ale Blend
Fuggles Imported Crystal Malt 15 Belgian Style Saison
Galaxy Hop Pellets Crystal Malt 30 Belgian Wit
Galena Hop Pellets Crystal Malt 40 Belle Saison
German Hallertau Pellets Crystal Malt 60 Berliner Weisse Blend
German Opal Pellets Crystal Malt 75 Brettanomyces
German Spalt Hop Pellets Flaked Barley Brittish Ale
German Tettnanger Pellets Flaked Corn Burton Ale
Glacier Hop Pellets Flaked Rye California Ale
Hersbrucker Hop Pellets Flaked White Wheat California Ale V
Horizon Hop Pellets Golden Promise Cask and Bottle Con
Magnum Hop Pellets High Color Pale Malt CBC 1
Mosaic Hop Pellets Honey Malt Cream Ale
Mt Hood Hop Pellets Insta Grains Yellow Corn Cry Havoc WLP862
Nelson Sauvin Marris Otter Pale Malt Czech Budejovice Lager WLP802
Nugget Hop Pellets Melanoidin Malt Danstar Servomyces
Pacific Jade Midnight Wheat Dry Champaign Yeast
Perle Domestic Munich Malt Dry Cote Des Blancs
Simcoe Hop Pellets Pale Chocolate Dry English Ale
Simcoe Leaf Pale Malt Dusseldorf Alt
Sorachi Ace Hop Pellets Pilsen Malt East Coast Ale
Sterling Hop Pellets Rauch Malt East Midlands Ale
Styrian Golding Hop Pellets Roasted Barley Malt Edinburgh Scottish Ale
Summit Hop Pellets Rolled Oats English Ale
UK Challenger Hop Pellets Rye Malt English Cider WLP775
UK First Gold Special B Malt Essex Ale
UK Phoenix Pellets Special Roast Malt European Ale
UK WHitbred Pellets Victory Malt Flemish Ale Blend
US Centenial Hop Pellets Vienna Malt German Bock Lager WLP833
US Falconers Pellets Wheat Malt German Kolsch Ale
US Fuggles Hop Pellets White Wheat Malt German Lager WLP830
US Northern Brewer Pellets . Hefeweizen
US Santium Pellets . Hefeweizen Ale IV
Vanguad Hop Pellets . Irish Ale
Warrior Hop Pellets . Lactobacillus
Willamette Hop Pellets . Lalvin 71B 1122
Zythos Hop Pellets . Lalvin ec1118
. . Lalvin ICV-D-47
. . Lalvin K1V-1116
. . Lalvin QA23
. . Lalvin RC 212
. . London Ale
. . Mexican Lager WLP940
. . Montrachet Red Star
. . Munich Dry
. . Nottingham Ale
. . Oktoberfest Marzen Lager WLP820
. . Pacific Ale
. . Pasteur Red
. . Pilsner Lager WLP800
. . Premier Cuvee
. . S-04
. . Safbrew S33
. . Safbrew T58
. . Saflager W34/70
. . Saison
. . Saison II Ale
. . Sake Yeast WLP705
. . San Diego Super
. . San Francisco Lager WLP810
. . Southern German Lager
. . Super High Gravity
. . Sweet Mead Wine WLP720
. . Trappist
. . US-05
. . Windsor Ale
. . Zurich Lager
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